Please help make our plumbing students training successful with a one-time or a monthly donation to replace their learning materials. As a result of your help, Uniting Distant Stars Plumbing Students can complete their one-year course with over 85% practical learning. Since 2017, we have trained five cohorts of students in plumbing. So, your generous gift today will ensure we can develop more plumbers in the future.

Our goal is $1000 to buy learning materials to help plumbing students learn how to install pipes, connect fixtures, and much more.

Watch Sylvester Bacchus, Plumbing Student, shares his excitement about attending Uniting Distant Stars. This was recorded during our Virtual Tea Time on July 30.

“I am so overwhelmed to be part of this great family. I’m so excited because graduated from high school and was sitting and nothing doing” ~ Sylvester Bacchus

If you click the image above, you can select one of the listed options below.

  • $8 Buys four 2″ Floor Drains
  • $10 Buys ten 1/2′ Tee Fittings
  • $12 Buys six 2″ Tee Fittings
  • $15 Buys three 1/2″ Pipe Fittings 19° or 1/2″ PVC Pipe Fittings 19°, or 15 1/2″ Elbows 90°
  • $18 Buys six 4″ PVC Elbows 90° or 4″ Tee Fittings
  • $24 Buys ten 2″ PVC Elbows 90°
  • $27 Buys three 2″ Pipe Fitting s19°
  • $30 Buys ten 1/2″ Finishing Elbows 90° or six 1/2″ Angle Values
  • $40 Buys four Shower Values
  • $50 Buys one Urinal set
  • $60 Buys one Kitchen sink set
  • $72 Buys six cartons of tiles
  • $100 Buys two Handheld Shower Head Kit or Wash Basin
  • $130 Buys one Water Heater
  • $140 Buys twenty 4″ Blocks
  • $1,000 Buys all the materials