Good Wi-Fi! Virtual Fundraiser on April 3

Hello Uniting Distant Stars supporters! We have some exciting news! On April 3rd (5 to 6:30 PM), local New Orleans and hot club jazz musician Miss Myra will be playing a virtual show via Facebook to help fundraise for our computer lab that is needing updates and replacements.
During the Good Wi-Fi! Fundraiser, she will be playing a wide range of tunes and discussing with us some of the success stories UDS has produced so far from all of our Stars in the pursuit of providing affordable technical skills to young adults in Liberia.
BONUS: There will be awesome gifts and prizes awarded during the show! 
International Every Girl Wins awards Kelvin Fomba, Co-Founder & Director on 3/13/22

International Every Girl Wins awards Kelvin Fomba, Co-Founder & Director on 3/13/22

Uniting Distant Stars Co-Founder & Director in Liberia, Kelvin Fomba, was nominated by Branko Saah Tambah, long-time supporter, with the Dr. Ronald Kozachuk, “Male Civility Award” by International Every Girl Wins Day.

On March 13, 2022, International Every Girls Wins hosts the award ceremony virtually live from their Facebook Group. Please watch the ceremony from 10 AM  to noon CST (GMT-6). 

Below is the letter that Kelvin received about this award. Congrats, Kelvin, on a most deserved honor! 

2020 Electrician Graduate, Sourey Prosper Kamara Jr. Testimonial

You can be proud on how your support changed Uniting Distant Stars alumni, Sourey Prosper Kamara Jr., life. He received his Electrician Diploma in August 2020. Now he shares how your generosity helped him reach to a higher level.

I’m one of the beneficiaries of UDS. After the completion of my study at the UDS in the department of Electricity. I wrote the India government national exam and successfully passed. The India government gives me scholarship to study in India. I’m currently pursuing my B. Tech. In Electrical Engineering in India. Thank so much to the family of UDS for preparing me for the outside world. I’m grateful!

Sourey shared the photos below of him. Thank you so much for helping another Liberian Youth to reach for the stars and catch one! 

We Love When Alumni Stay On To Help

Uniting Distant Stars continues to refresh and improve our training center. Our co-founder & director, Kelvin Fomba, recruited some help from one your recent electrician graduates, Nuch Johnson, to help paint the logo on our fence.

Furthermore, we are always grateful when your graduates like, Nuch Johnson, stay on to help move Uniting Distant Stars forward.

Now that they finished the logo one the fence, we hope you will stop by and learn more about your programs. Thank you!

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