Uniting Distant Stars New Year Update 3/1/24 on a volunteer opportunity, donor visit, and more.

Uniting Distant Stars New Year Update 3/1/24 on a volunteer opportunity, donor visit, and more.

Welcome to March, Everyone! Heather Cannon, Uniting Distant Stars Co-Founder and Executive Director, gives about a 17-minute update.

Update Summary:

  • 00:30 She starts by wishing everyone born in March a Happy Birthday.
  • 01:21 Volunteer Opportunity “MailChimp Organize Project”; learn more.
  • 02:16 Shout out to our volunteers–Rachel Smith (website), Jade Haney (bookkeeping), Sonal Suri (finance), Josh Westergren (video editing), and Otis Ben (social media)–for their service!
  • 04:16 Updates on computer students and what they are learning. Learn more.
  • 05:35 Expands on computer training related to academic students learning how to set up a desktop. Learn more.
  • 06:21 Clearing the new site land for US visitors. Learn more.
  • 06:55 Reminds viewers of employer matching programs. Learn more.
  • 08:46 Shares return visit of Judge Bill Littlejohn. Watch videos:
  • 10:37 Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our new content and learn more about our work.
  • 11:03 Share discussion with James Ledlum Jr. of GIving Hands Foundation to move forward with STEM initiative focused on our computer and electrician programs. We need suggestions for affordable and reliable internet options in Liberia and ways to build a permanent lab for the electrician students. Email ideas to [email protected].
  • 16:41 Thank you for supporting Uniting Distant Stars in educating and training Liberian children and youth!
Uniting Distant Stars, Eagerly Welcomes Back Judge Bill to Liberia!

Uniting Distant Stars, Eagerly Welcomes Back Judge Bill to Liberia!

We love it when supporters visit our team and students in Liberia, especially when they come back. On Monday, February 27, 2024, retired Judge Bill Littlejohn made his second visit two years after his first one. Again, he was accompanied by Minister Daniels.

Kelvin Fomba, top left, Judge Bill top center, Minister Daniels, right of Bill, and Myrtle Stoe (UDS Business Manager) kneeling.

He received a warm welcome from Kelvin Fomba, UDS Co-Founder & Director, our staff, and academic and vocational training. Judge Bill gave $1 to every student in attendance (90) and $5 to the staff. Plus, he presented technical teaching books. He also pledged two scholarships for vocational students and four for academic vocational students.

Judge Bill, Minister Daniels, and Kelvin Fomba with Vocational Training Students. Emmanual Duwar, UDS cosmetology instructor kneeling in from of Kelvin

The following short videos allow you to be part of this visit.

Did you know many companies match their employees’ donations?

Did you know many companies match their employees’ donations?

One benefit many employees don’t take advantage of is their company’s giving program. Each company has its criteria and options but includes donation matches, Board service, and volunteer matches up to a certain amount.

Contact your employer’s HR department to see if they offer a matching gift program. Once you have submitted your matching gift request, or if you have any questions about the process, please reply to this email. Last year, supporters and volunteers working for four companies raised $8,344.06 in donations matches, Board service matches, and volunteer matches. These extra funds make a significant difference in our work. Thanks to all those who utilize the employer-giving program! 

Another employer opportunity to support UDS is through its annual United Way Workplace Campaign (if applicable). You can select Uniting Distant Stars as the charity for your donation and make it a one-time gift or deducted from your paychecks throughout the year. Thanks to all the employees who have donated to us through their annual United Way Campaigns!

UDS Team Clearing Land at New Brewerville Campus Site

UDS Team Clearing Land at New Brewerville Campus Site

Kelvin Fomba, UDS Co-Founder & Director, narrates this video. He pulled a team together to remove the overgrown brush and trees from the last time they cleared it. The work occurred on February 16 and 17, 2024.


They are preparing for guests from Texas who are interested in seeing it. We hope to start building this year and welcome anyone who wants to help. This ensures people can move around the land burdened by the jungle growth.

The UDS Team in Brewerville used cutlasses and machetes to clear overgrown brush and trees.
The team is working on digging up the roots of various bushes and trees.
The team made progress and also took home palm nuts from fallen trees to bring home to their families to eat palm butter.

Uniting Distant Stars Academy Students Demonstrate How To Setup a Desktop Computer

Taylor Mulbah and Kadiyatu Jalloh, 7th-grade Uniting Distant Stars Academy students, are learning about computers as part of our vocational training center program. They demonstrate how to use a desktop computer by connecting the monitor and keyboard to the CPU.

Mohammad Gbettu, who is narrating this video, is teaching this program. He is a UDS 2020 Computer alum passionate about helping the next generation of Liberians learn about computers.