Emergency Kits

In 2015, UDS partnered with a retired engineer, who has extensive experience with water purification and product development. In response to the lessons learned from the Ebola crisis and providing something that is genuinely needed in West Africa, we are currently developing a prototype product (kit) that would be largely manufactured and assembled in Liberia for use in ll parts of West Africa where diseases like Ebola, Cholera, Malaria and Typhoid occur. This kit will contain a hand-held water filtration device providing up to 300 liters per day of safe drinking water. It would also contain face masks and gloves, thermometer, disinfectant and mosquito netting for prevention and protection against the aforementioned diseases. The kit itself will be complemented by our youth-made backpack. The final product will be made in Liberia and sold and distributed to all of West Africa through several channels. We are seeking volunteers to assist in developing this product and project. Please email us at[email protected].