Our catering students are baking and cooking so many appetizing and mouthwatering desserts and main courses during each class period. Their instructor gives them different recipes to try including many Liberian favorites (such as Jollof Rice) while also giving them well-known comfort food recipes (such as pizza). 

They recently made their first pizza from scratch by mixing the ingredients for the dough and rolling out the crust into a circle. Then they topped the crust with pizza sauce, meat, and cheese before it was placed in the oven. As it baked in the oven, the center filled with a pleasing aroma. Our catering students served their pizza to Kelvin Fomba (Co-Founder & Director) and Godfrey Solomon (Registrar & Artist) to do the taste test. Kelvin and Godfrey gave raving reviews to our students.

Your catering students celebrating the success of their first pizza, Godfrey (middle photo) enjoying his slice, and Kelvin (right photo) savoring his.

If your travels bring you to Liberia, we hope you will visit our center. Our catering students would love to make and serve you something savory and yummy because you are making it possible for them to learn this trade. Thank you!