Liberia’s Trade Imbalance: The Story of the Egg

The healthy ratio between a country’s total imports and exports is one of many factors that can simulate a nation’s economy. For Liberia, their independence in 1847 was founded on trade issue, because they needed to be a sovereign nation in order to assess a tariff on exports to Great Britain as much needed revenue[…]

Money, Money, Money…

I recently made post on my Facebook page about this issue of “money, money, money…” after being smacked hard last week with an unexpected property tax burden from 2006. It was due to a glitch in the software program used by the company that prepared my taxes. This was a recently discovered error and the[…]

Climate Change: Focus Liberia, West Africa

Note: This article was published in the Liberian Forum on September 20, 2009 ( There has been increased international attention about concerns of climate change within Liberia. This small tropical nation in West Africa is not only home to about 3.5 million people, but also to one of the most diverse rain forests on the[…]

Warning: Use Caution When Uttering “Always” and “Never”

This morning my driver and I got into an interesting conversation about comparative cultures. As a African, he viewed how God blessed the people of Europe and the U.S. with the ability and the opportunity to be scientists and engineers. He saw them as brilliant people, because they developed the cures for diseases and invented[…]