Your Copy of the 2015/2016 Annual Report is Here

Your Copy of the 2015/2016 Annual Report is Here

As an all-volunteer organization, we are grateful for all those who contributed to our final 2015/2016 Annual Report. This report will give you an:
  • Overview of our project during this two-year period; 
  • Inspirational testimonials from four of our students;
  • Summary of the financial report showcasing how your support made a difference;
  • And much more.
Please enjoy reading what YOUour valued Star Supporter, accomplished for the youth of Liberia. Thank you for your generous support!

2015-2016 Annual Report

Rogma International Students are Smiling Because of You

Rogma International Students are Smiling Because of You

One of the greatest joys in life is making children happy, and that is exactly what you did on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016, at Rogma School International! This small community school (on Duport Road in Paynseville, Liberia) hosted their “Back-to-School” program to engage the community/parents, and to help gain support for their efforts in educating the Liberian youth. They invited representatives from non-profit, government, and religious organizations, as well as local businesses from the area. However, only Uniting Distant Stars was there to bring your gift of school supplies for 170 young children enrolled in this school!
You are helping these young students at Rogrma International School in Liberia. 
Our team organized all the supplies by grade level (from K-7th) and packed them at our new learning center. Kelvin Fomba, UDS Co-Founder & Country Director, brought five volunteers with him to take part of this important program. 

Your gifts packed with care waiting to placed in the hands of children.

Each child is given individualized attention as they are presented with your gift of school supplies. We have one volunteer who calls their name, a second who picks up their packet from the appropriate grade level, a third who presents the gift to the student while, and a fourth to take their photo. This system has been carefully orchestrated since we started this program in 2011. 

Princess presents your gift to this young girl. 

Here are more of the children, who received your fabulous gift!

Your generous gift of school supplies helps these children succeed in school. 
Kelvin was invited to give a few remarks to the parents and school’s staff. He asked the parents to ensure that their children arrive to school safely and are allotted enough time to complete their homework when they are home. He also shared how UDS and Rogma worked out a deal for their scholarship students; Rogma School has five students needing support. Three have since been sponsored by UDS supporters, but, Kelvin asked the school to allow all five young students to attend school this year even though only three have the funding. So, during this next year, we will be looking for two sponsors to help continue the education of the two unfunded students. 

Going the extra mile is so gratifying because it truly transforms young lives for the better.

Kelvin sharing how your compassion is benefiting the young children of Rogma International School. 
Another special moment at the program was when our partner and volunteer Godfrey got up and sang a popular gospel song. Godfrey, of the Hossana Children Foundation, stunned the audience with his amazing voice. He got everyone up dancing and singing with him. It was in response to your generous support that Godfrey shared his gift and brought to the program a joyful energy of gratitude and celebration. 

Children singing and dancing with joy because you brightened their day. 
Here are remarks shared by Rodney and Kelvin on Facebook, expressing their gratitude for your most generous support of young children in Liberia:
You will be receiving more gratitude and notes of thanks from the October 29th “back-to-school” program held at our new learning center in the coming week. 
There are not enough words to express how your kindness has touched our sweet children and youth in Liberia. We truly appreciate how you’ve been such Shining Stars for Liberia’s youngsters! 

School Supplies Drive, Final Stages!

…Less than 2 weeks left!

Right now, we are coming to the final stages of our “2016 School Supplies” campaign!

We are so very grateful! You’ve made it possible for 167 students to start the year off prepared with the materials they need, having raised a total of $1,675!

But, there are still 533 kids without funding for their supplies. Right now, we would like to review how you can still help us raise the final $5,330 of our $7,000 goal:
✩ Dimes for Dreams Cans: If you aren’t already, please keep filling up those cans! We will be collecting the cans closer to the end of this campaign. (Don’t know what “Dimes for Dreams” is? See the bottom of this email!)

✩ Facebook, Email, Text, Sing it from the Mountain-tops!: Please “share” about this campaign on your social media (here’s our Facebook page:, post our flyers (attached below) wherever you have access to, and use your gift of word of mouth!

✩ Make a Donation!: All donations are 100% tax-deductible! Please donate via PayPal (go to our website and click “donate” button) or send a Check payable to “Uniting Distant Stars” at:

Uniting Distant Stars
4010 Lawndale LN N
Plymouth, MN 55446

And prayers/good thoughts sent our way are of course always welcome and make all the difference, as well.

Thank you so much for all that you do. You truly are rock-stars!

Uniting Distant Stars


Dimes for Dreams:

Do you have a jar or little bowl at home where you dump your pocket change at the end of the day? Replace that container with a “Dimes for Dreams” can, and just like that, you’re effortlessly raising money for our youth in Liberia. Read more about it by clicking the link above, and to order a can of your own, reply to this email, or call UDS Co-founder, Heather Cannon-Winkleman at: 612-232-7541.

For free, a UDS team member can deliver one to your home as well, or we can mail you one!

Printable Flyer:

A New School Year!

…School is just around the corner!

For UDS students, a new school year means so many exciting things.

It means being back with friends and dedicated leaders. It means getting the chance to learn about this incredible world we live in. And it means discovering how to go about in it as individuals with hearts, minds, talents, and dreams, totally unique to them.

As we start this new chapter, we are so filled with gratitude for the ways you’ve lifted these stellar youth.  We would like to thank you, (and thank you again), for the ripple of positivity you have created in their lives!

Right now, the end of our “2016 School Supplies Campaign” is fast-approaching. For this year’s campaign, we hoped to provide 700 students attending 3 different schools with basic school supplies.

According to a recent poll, the average American student spends upwards of $600 on school supplies, back to school clothes, and electronics. The same amount could support 60 liberian children and youth, with each student costing a total of $10!

So far, you’ve made it possible for 167 students to obtain the materials they’ll need, having raised a total of $1,675.

We are at nearly 25% of our $7,000 goal! If you can think of anyone who would like to join in supporting this effort, please forward our information along. Alternatively, below is a printable flyer which can be posted at church, work, or at coffee shop pin board near you!

Donations can be made by PayPal (go to website and click donate button) or send Check payable to “Uniting Distant Stars” at:

Uniting Distant Stars
4010 Lawndale LN N
Plymouth, MN 55446

✩ To keep in mind:✩
The 3 highest donations made by the end of this campaign will not only receive acknowledgment on the site, but will also obtain special recognition when the school supplies are delivered to the students in September, in the form of a PSA Video! UDS students will get to express directly to you, through digital media, their appreciation for your continuous and selfless support.

Again, we want to thank you most sincerely for your support; be it through monetary contributions, sharing our message within your own circles, or directing prayers our way.

Your influence is felt with gratitude all the way across the world!

Thank you, (and thank you again),

Uniting Distant Stars

UDS Youth & Children, Singing for Joy!

Dear Star Supporter,

You make our hearts sing! Your big-heartedness provided over 250 children with school supplies for their first four years at Russ Wood Christian Academy (2012). Then, just last year, City of Joy and Rogma International Schools were also added to our school supply distribution list, making our goal this year to provide for 700 students!

Your continued generous support and outreach to others can ensure these 700 students receive their much needed school supplies this year!

So far, you have graciously raised $1,661 to buy 166 students school supplies in September. This is nearly 25% of our $7,000 goal! In searching through our archives, we found this video of the children at Russ Wood gathered outside, having just received their school supplies in 2012.

These children feel your compassion immensely, on a daily basis.

And, as a token of our appreciation, we would like to remind you that the 3 highest donations made by the end of this campaign will not only receive acknowledgment on the site, but will also have special recognition arranged when the school supplies is delivered to the students in September. Your names will be recognized in a PSA video by the very students your donation supports!

A donation of $10 will lift these children up in song. A donation of $50 or more will have them singing and dancing. And, a donation of $100 or more will bring them joy beyond measure.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible, and can be gifted according to the following methods:

Donation by PayPal (go to website and click “donate” button) or Check payable to “Uniting Distant Stars” at:

Uniting Distant Stars

4010 Lawndale LN N
Plymouth, MN 55446
     ​ ✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩​

Please share this email with others to ensure all 700 young students attending City of Joy, Rogma International, and Russ Wood Schools will be given school supplies in September.

Alternatively, feel free to post our attached flyer at your church, coffee shop, or any other place that has a community board!

We so appreciate your light and generosity,

Uniting Distant Stars