UDS Academy – Primary School

UDS Academy – Primary School

UDS sees educating children and youth as an investment for the future. We started our work with academic scholarships and school supply drives in 2011. We later added a library and provided after-school study programs. So, starting a primary school serving 350 children in September 2018 fit into our programming.

The UDS Academy is not like other schools in the area because it was a community effort. Our team worked around the clock with the parents in preparing and implementing the plan. What sets this school apart from others?

  1. It is a tuition-free school for pre-K to 6th-grade students.
  2. The parents buy the uniforms directly from UDS (made by our staff and students) and the funds cover the operations costs and teachers pay.
  3. The UDS library contains all the materials that meet the nation’s curriculum. 
  4. The teachers are selected for their passion to impart knowledge in students and trained to adhere to our high-level learning standards. 
  5. The students are evaluated to determine if they could meet the grade level requirements and some are moved back a grade to ensure their success. 
Students & staff making the uniforms (left). New students on the first day of school.

Since most of the vocational training courses either have their own learning labs or meet in the afternoons or evenings, our center easily accommodates the academy. Plus, some of our vocational training students benefited from our academy because they could enroll their children. 

Furthermore, the parents showed their gratitude by donating three bundles of zinc roofing to help with our building extension and some offered their skills like carpentry to complete the work. 

Now as we move forward to June 29, the UDS Academy held their closing ceremony for the academic year. Also, students graduated from Kindergarten and 6th grades. Again, the parents were involved in the closing program and asked if the graduates could receive culture clothes made from a lappa (i.e. fabric) instead of a rented cap and gown. This made perfect sense because they paid a $20 graduation fee and a new outfit for their child is priceless. 

Kindergarten 2 in their graduation clothes (left) and 6th grade in theirs (right).

Your continued support empowered our Liberian Team and the community we serve a program for over 300 young children. Thank you for helping them make this happen!

UDS Academy Students saying their prayers & teachers at the closing program. 

School Supplies Drive, Final Stages!

…Less than 2 weeks left!

Right now, we are coming to the final stages of our “2016 School Supplies” campaign!

We are so very grateful! You’ve made it possible for 167 students to start the year off prepared with the materials they need, having raised a total of $1,675!

But, there are still 533 kids without funding for their supplies. Right now, we would like to review how you can still help us raise the final $5,330 of our $7,000 goal:
✩ Dimes for Dreams Cans: If you aren’t already, please keep filling up those cans! We will be collecting the cans closer to the end of this campaign. (Don’t know what “Dimes for Dreams” is? See the bottom of this email!)

✩ Facebook, Email, Text, Sing it from the Mountain-tops!: Please “share” about this campaign on your social media (here’s our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/unitingdistantstars), post our flyers (attached below) wherever you have access to, and use your gift of word of mouth!

✩ Make a Donation!: All donations are 100% tax-deductible! Please donate via PayPal (go to our website and click “donate” button) or send a Check payable to “Uniting Distant Stars” at:

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And prayers/good thoughts sent our way are of course always welcome and make all the difference, as well.

Thank you so much for all that you do. You truly are rock-stars!

Uniting Distant Stars


Dimes for Dreams: https://unitingdistantstars.com/2016/03/uniting-distant-stars-dime-for-dreams.html

Do you have a jar or little bowl at home where you dump your pocket change at the end of the day? Replace that container with a “Dimes for Dreams” can, and just like that, you’re effortlessly raising money for our youth in Liberia. Read more about it by clicking the link above, and to order a can of your own, reply to this email, or call UDS Co-founder, Heather Cannon-Winkleman at: 612-232-7541.

For free, a UDS team member can deliver one to your home as well, or we can mail you one!

Printable Flyer: