You Are Making a Big Difference for Liberian Youth

You Are Making a Big Difference for Liberian Youth

Your continued support of Liberian Youth is changing their lives for the better. You may not fully appreciate your impact, but what you have accomplished in helping these ambitious young men and women gain marketable skills at our training center is paramount to their success.

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, the Honorable Jackson George, Consul General, Liberian Consulate of Minnesota, attended our board meeting to share his experiences and observations while visiting our center in July. He conveyed to our board members and volunteers participating in person or on Google Hangout how much we are doing on very little. He shared:

1) How impressed he was with our students and their hunger to learn.

2) An explanation of how the current economic situation makes life challenging:

  • With an unemployment rate of about 85%, it is challenging for young people to find work, so the work of UDS is instrumental in the students finding employment or entrepreneurship.
  • UDS graduates are more prepared to be ready to work than young people graduating from Liberian universities due to the practical application training they receive.

3) A pledge to assist in promoting the work of UDS with Liberian government authorities and other agencies where collaboration can help strengthen our programs.

And you have made this possible through your investment in their training, ultimately leading to their success!

Left to right: Adam Pederson, Board Secretary; Diane Anastos, Board Treasurer; Miriam Monono Issac, Board Member; Jackson George, Consul General; Beyan Gonowolo, Board Member; & Mary Rosendahl, Board Member. Two volunteers: Sonal Suri and Melissa Meach joined by Google Hangout.

A Dinner & Movie Fundraiser – November 3 – 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

A Dinner & Movie Fundraiser – November 3 – 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

You are cordially invited to a Dinner & Movie Fundraising organized by Tashie George, owner of IfriMart. This is your time to stay up late, eat delicious Liberian Cuisine, and watch a compelling movie as daylight savings occurs overnight.

The featured movie is Out of My Hand (PG-13): a film about “a struggling Liberian rubber plantation worker risks everything to discover a new life as a Yellow Cab driver in New York City.” The film is directed by Takeshi Fukunaga, and the leading role is played by Bishop Blay.

The dinner will be prepared by Taste of Africa with Jollof Rice (popular one-pot dish), potato salad, fufu (like a dumpling), soup, chicken, ginger beer, donuts, and cornbread.

The program will highlight the work Uniting Distant Stars is doing to support young men and women in Liberia as they receive valuable vocational training in our center.

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UDS Students Demonstrate that Practice Makes Perfect

UDS Students Demonstrate that Practice Makes Perfect

Do you remember when Abel Kabba (Plumbing Student) said, “Thank you very much for doing great things that you aren’t even noticing“? It is hard to convey in our newsletters how much you are doing to help young men and women in Liberia receive quality training at our center. You are providing the necessary resources to make this possible. You are buying the practical materials, equipment, and tools to apply what they are learning in their respective courses. You are ensuring these students will graduate next year prepared and ready to start working immediately in their given trade.

Our cosmetology students are an example of how “practice makes perfect.” Each class they find their own clients and apply the many different styles of braids. This is called plaiting hair and is a unique art-form because it can take several hours of weaving their real hair with extensions. These type of hairstyles protect the ends of the hair and decrease tangling, breaking and shedding.

Your investment in our students allows them to perfect their craft. Photos by Roseline Sonday, Instructor

You can see your students are focused and detail-oriented while plaiting their client’s hair. Photos by Roseline Sonday, Instructor