Successful Dinner & Movie Fundraiser

Successful Dinner & Movie Fundraiser

Thank you to Tashie George of IfriMarket for hosting and sponsoring a successful Dinner & Movie fundraiser on November 3. Thank you to our Classroom Heroes who raised $635 to support Liberian Youth in our training courses. Thank you to Taste of Africa for the second (or third) helpings of delicious food. And thank you to the cast and crew of the Out of My Hand movie!

Taste of Africa catered the food for this event which included cornbread, Jollof Rice, potato salad, hot pepper soup, and more. Photo by Boyd Morson

About 20 people gathered that day. They learned more about Uniting Distant Stars and how we are helping Liberia’s young men and women gain independence with trade careers. They networked with each other. They ate Jollof Rice, potato salad, corn bread, and much more (food table photo take by Boyd Morson). And they sat back and enjoyed an entertaining movie.

UDS U.S. Co-Founder & Executive Director sharing information about our programs and the 75 graduated students of March 2018. Photo taken by Florkime Paye.

Tashie is committed to holding this event each year, and we are grateful for her continued support!

A Dinner & Movie Fundraiser – November 3 – 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

A Dinner & Movie Fundraiser – November 3 – 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

You are cordially invited to a Dinner & Movie Fundraising organized by Tashie George, owner of IfriMart. This is your time to stay up late, eat delicious Liberian Cuisine, and watch a compelling movie as daylight savings occurs overnight.

The featured movie is Out of My Hand (PG-13): a film about “a struggling Liberian rubber plantation worker risks everything to discover a new life as a Yellow Cab driver in New York City.” The film is directed by Takeshi Fukunaga, and the leading role is played by Bishop Blay.

The dinner will be prepared by Taste of Africa with Jollof Rice (popular one-pot dish), potato salad, fufu (like a dumpling), soup, chicken, ginger beer, donuts, and cornbread.

The program will highlight the work Uniting Distant Stars is doing to support young men and women in Liberia as they receive valuable vocational training in our center.

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