Making UDS Known to the Surrounding Community

Making UDS Known to the Surrounding Community

Our team in Liberia works tirelessly each day to ensure your investment is making a lasting impact on the youth we serve. They deploy various marketing strategies to raise our profile in the community and pique the curiosity of people passing by our center. It is important that we connect with the community because they are potential students, collaborators, and partners.

Our uniforms are one form of advertising because the front of the shirt displays our logo and the back shows the department (i.e. course) the student is enrolled in. Our students receive positive feedback on the quality and the colors of their uniform. Each student wears their uniform proudly because they know UDS is committed to their development.

Blue uniforms are for the auto mechanic, electrician, and plumbing courses; Gold uniforms for catering, computers, cosmetology, hotel management, and tailoring courses.

Our building is another way we draw people to our center. Kelvin Fomba, UDS Co-Founder & Director, and Godfrey Solomon, UDS Registrar & Artist, painted images of our courses on the front of the building. This has proven effective in attracting people to our doors. On one occasion, a man from Nigeria was staying at the hotel next to our center and noticed the artwork. He paid our team a visit to inquire about our programs. These images also have welcomed students with limited to no reading and writing abilities. Not all our courses require reading and writing, and our instructors are able to adapt to the various learning styles.

UDS Vocational Training Center front entrance; Photos by Jasoe Sharpe

Our classrooms are mobile as our students work on their practicals outside the front of the building. This is where people will stop and notice because they see our students working attentively on their given projects. This is where “seeing is believing” comes to play when people are looking for a quality training facility.

Your electrician and auto mechanic students working diligently on their practicals outside 
Your continued generous giving built a strong foundation for UDS to connect with the surrounding community and provide life-changing training in trade careers. Thank you for making this happen!