Liberian Youth Virtually Connect With Peers in Minnesota

March 7 was a very exciting day for our small and humble organization. We had been invited by youthrive, a Minnesota-based organization, on January 17, to have Liberian students participate in the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Youth Festival (NPPF) at Augsburg College via Google+ Hangout Connected Classrooms. We extended this opportunity to iLab Liberia since[…]

Uniting Distant Stars: The Project

It is amazing how a philosophy can evolve into an organization and, ultimately, an international project. Uniting Distant Stars started as a blog in 2009, reflecting on what we share as a human family no matter where we live in this world. Three years later Uniting Distant Stars (UDS) emerged as an organization focused on[…]

Women Leaders Who Are Transforming the World

How could the mainstream U.S. media possibly have overlooked a powerful movement occurring today around the world?  Those of us paying attention are witnessing the emergence of transformative leadership on the part of women.  They are engaged globally in making social change, both at the grassroots level of rural villages and at the highest level[…]

Uniting Distant Stars Has Gone Supernova

Fueled by passion and energy, United Distant Stars is charting a new course across the galaxy.  Its mission is to engage young Liberians–“rising stars”–in receiving education for jobs or careers.  We see that as their first step into the great unknown–fulfilling their dreams of a meaningful and satisfying future! This surge of inspired energy came[…]

Empowered Women and the Nobel Peace Prize

We just witnessed a great moment in human history as three strong and courageous women–President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakul Karman–were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. These women represent developing nations that have not always valued and respected women as leaders and advocates for change. This pivotal moment will, if it hasn’t already, galvanize[…]