“Let’s Come Together” Single Presented by Othello Collins Music & Uniting Distant Stars

Othello Collins Music has recently released the single “Let’s Come Together”, for the love of his home country Liberia to promote reconciliation and unity. Collins will be generously donating all of the proceeds from the sales to Uniting Distant Stars.

The proceeds will be used for on-going projects at Uniting Distant Stars. These include providing supplies to Liberian schools for vocational training in a variety of careers from cosmetology to mechanics, leadership workshops and scholarship funds.

As a music director and singer-songwriter, Collins is currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has worked with some of Minnesota’s finest musicians including Dr. Lynn Trapp, Director of Worship and Organist at St. Olaf Catholic Church; Robert Robinson, a notable gospel singer from Minnesota; and many other Liberian gospel artists including Marron Cassel and Evelyn Marsh.

You can support Othello Collins Music and Uniting Distant Stars Liberia by purchasing the single on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and/or Amazon.

Written by Crystal Soderberg, Uniting Distant Stars Communications and Outreach Coordinator.