Your Classroom Hero Super Powers at Work

Your big-heartedness and generosity as a Classroom Hero are having a lasting impact on the Liberian youth you serve! Kelvin Fomba (UDS Co-Founder & Director), Dauda Dassin (UDS Carpenter), and other UDS leaders recently built an electrical lab for our electrician students, thanks to your investments! This lab will allow our students to install lights, switches & outlets, and other needs to electrify a home or business. By you answering our call to buy much-needed learning supplies, our students will receive the hands-on experience they need, to master their craft as electricians! As many of you know, practical experience not only builds skills but also confidence. Your return on investment in this venture is dreams realized!

Your everlasting kindness is what empowered our team to build the lab, as shown in the photos below. The main part of the lab includes a wall where students can practice installing various electrical components. The cabinet was built to organize and secure the practical materials, as any good electrical shop would have. Thank you for building this lab, as well as the opportunity for our youth to receive a quality education!

Please watch this video of Boakai Dillon and his fellow students apply their electrical knowledge in our new lab-which you made possible! Boakai shares with Kelvin Fomba, UDS Co-Founder & Director, how they supplied an electrical current to the imaginary apartment in our lab. He provides Kelvin with each step that they took to electrify this apartment. We are grateful for the work of our instructor, Saah Dominic Siaffa.



Photos of our new electrical lab.

Instructor, Saah Dominic Siaffa, showing students how to electrify a room in our lab.

Co-Founder, Kelvin Fomba, placing supplies in the storage cabinet.

View of our electrical lab.