Your Next Classroom Hero Experience Begins

Your Next Classroom Hero Experience Begins

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For the past two years, your generous giving as a Classroom Hero provided vocational training opportunities for over 200 students and helped 150 graduate in their given trades in 2018 and 2019.

You are invited to continue this journey as we launch our Classroom Hero Annual Campaign to support our third cohort of students. You have several ways you can help as a monthly donor or one-time giving as follows:

  • Your $10 monthly gift: inspires students to learn valuable skills
  • Your $20 monthly gift: *sponsors one student for Catering, Computers, Cosmetology, Hotel Management, & Tailoring (One-Year) Courses.
  • Your $25 monthly gift: *sponsors one student for Auto Mechanics, Electrician, & Plumbing (One-Year) Courses.
  • Your $30 monthly gift: pays for monthly maintenance
  • Your $50 one-time gift: pays water (sanitation) bill for one month
  • Your $100 one-time gift: buys stationary (chalk, paper, pens, etc.) for one month
  • Your $350 one-time gift: buys practical learning materials for 150 students a month
  • Your $500 one-time gift: buys 2 used desktop computers for the lab
  • Your $1,000 one-time gift: pays 10 instructors/staff their monthly stipend
  • Your $3,750 one-time gift: pays 5-year lease (second half) for the training center
  • Your $6,000 one-time gift: buys a used car for a driver’s education course

*The 2019/2020 one-year term started on May 1 and students who enroll in the next few weeks can easily catch up on what they missed. Your simple gift as a sponsor gives hope and opportunity to Liberian Youth seeking a better life.

Please donate through our website, Cash App $UDStarsFacebook page, or by check to Uniting Distant Stars and mail to Uniting Distant Stars @ 4010 Lawndale Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55446.