Patience Test

It is 11:30PM (CST) as I write this post, because I am too excited to sleep. For nearly a week, I have undergone a major test in patience. On September 12, I redirected this blog to my new domain. However, something went awry with this process and my domain appeared as a 404 error…meaning that the URL was not available for unknown reasons.

Being the tech geek that I am, I went into the settings to revert my blog back to the original domain. Regrettably, I discovered that this option was not even available in the publishing settings as I read this message…”maintenance in progress…domain switching disabled.”

Still having hope that a plausible solution was out there, I then posted on the Blogger product forum regarding this issue. I soon discovered that countless others were experiencing the same thing that appeared to start on September 9.

What seemed to be the most disconcerting issue for all of us, is how Blogger did not shine with their customer service. They failed to keep us posted to what caused the problem or how long it would take to fix it. This left all of us in the dark contemplating what to do next.

The forum appeared to be the only source of information. After following it for nearly a week, I can say tensions were high with some bloggers while others were trying to maintain some decorum with the group. Then there were those who shared about switching their blogs to another service and others who had temporarily exported their blog to another blogspot. These options piqued my interest and I was strongly considering them. Yet I had to be realistic, because I just didn’t have the time or energy to make this possible due to a nearing project deadline.

So, I decided to continue reach out to other social media outlets such as Twitter to get some sort of update or information to why this occurred. From the responses I received. the results were still more of the same… “maintenance in progress…domain switching disabled.”

Tonight around 11PM, I received an email from the forum and some people blogs were back. So, I checked my blog immediately and the same 404 error came up; however, this time the domain switching was enabled. So, for now my blog will stay with the same old domain until I have confidence that this issue does not occur again when I switch to my new one.
I am grateful that I back online and that I stayed even keeled during this challenging time. This test was a great reminder that we are not always in control and all we need is a little patience (lyrics from the Guns N’ Roses song Patience) to get through it.