Never Take 24/7 Electricity for Granted

Never Take 24/7 Electricity for Granted

As you know, one of our greatest challenges is reliable electricity. In late November, the transformer blew-out near our center. Additionally, the company said it would not be fixed until February. Previously, the transformer failed numerous times in the last three years. However, it never took this long to be repaired. 

Due to this issue, we purchased a diesel generator to operate our computer course because the electrical load overpowers our gas machine. For now, we use this noisy and dirty generator. Without delay, our Liberian Co-Founder, Kelvin Fomba, works overtime to find an appropriate vendor to determine our needs for solar.

In short, implementing a solar project requires patience and ample resources. Despite raising $5,200 in October, the funds fall short of covering our electrical needs. Thus, Kelvin contacted local companies to compare estimates of kilowatt-hour usage and costs of installing solar. Initially, we hope to start with enough solar panels to cover our lights 24/7 and our business office during the day. During the off hours, the freezer will be turned on for our water sales.  Presently, we sell water to help buy stationery supplies, phone cards, etc. In the meantime, the diesel generator will operate three days a week to supply the electricity for computer classes.

As they often say in Liberia, “it is not easy-o.” Stay tuned for updates as we complete the first phase of this project and plan for the next phase.

Thank you to everyone helping us achieve reliable and sustainable energy!!!