UDS Continues To Build Bridges

UDS Continues To Build Bridges

By Beyan Gonowolo, Board Member & Outreach Coordinator

With your support over the years, UDS has been a safe haven for hundreds of young people in Liberia. Our vocational training program provides young men and women an opportunity to learn a trade. This program is funded primarily by individuals who provide one-time or monthly donations to UDS. To expand our outreach, UDS is currently exploring means to obtain support from organizations and businesses. 

In this first quarter, we plan on reaching out and building bridges with organizations who share our mission and are currently doing work on the African continent. On Feb 8th, UDS met with the African Student Association (ASA) at the University of Minnesota to discuss future collaboration and partnership. Let’s face it, the struggles we are confronted with in Liberia are also struggles faced by other African countries; therefore, it is important for UDS to work and partner with other organizations in finding solutions to some of these problems.  Our goal is to learn from what others are doing and to promote future collaboration among our organizations.

UDS and ASA building bridges during our February 8 meeting at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Another benefit we seek to gain from partnering with other organizations is to obtain fundraising opportunities. In this case, we will be invited to events hosted by these organizations and will have the opportunity to meet potential donors and partners. We also seek to partner with these organizations and host fundraising events annually. By building bridges, we will be able to expand our outreach and increase our impact in Liberia.