Your 2020 Giving Statements Arrive Soon

Your 2020 Giving Statements Arrive Soon

As a generous donor for Liberian Youth, we value your commitment to changing their lives for the better. That is why we will have your 2020 Giving Statement delivered to your email or mailbox on or before 1/31/2021. This gives you the opportunity to file your taxes early. Thank you for including Uniting Distant Stars in your charitable giving!

Your 2020 Giving Statements Arrive on or before January 31

Your 2020 Year-End Review

Your 2020 Year-End Review

Thank you for being a guiding light during this most challenging year! You stepped up when we needed you to provide COVID-19 handwashing kits to Liberian Children and Youth. Again, you showed up to help 62 students receive their diplomas in August. Your continued commitment made all the difference with your students and graduates.


You generously raised $22,904 for Liberian Children and Youth during a challenging year. This includes the $3,857 from the year-end campaign from November to December. Here is the breakdown:

  • 68% from businesses and individuals
  • 27% from employer matches and contributions from United Way campaigns. Fortunately, two companies increased their matches from 1:1 to 2:1 due to COVID.
  • 5% from in-kind donations.


Uniting Distant Stars allocated $19,642 to the following programs:

  • Both vocational and academy students (410 total) received COVID handwashing kits in May. You raised $3,072 (16%) to cover the costs of powdered handsoap and bleach.
  • 62 graduates received their diplomas on August 1 with your help of $1000 (5%).
  • A graduate made about 500 masks to welcome students back from a $500 (3%) employer match donation.
  • Three people sponsored 11 vocational training students with half or full scholarships for $960 (5%).
  • Three sponsors supporting 14 academic students with full scholarships for the 2020-2021 school year at $3,905 (20%).
  • Two classes (2019-20 and 2021-21) received learning materials to apply their skills in their respective courses at $6,115 (31%). Due to COVID, we suspended classes from March to September.
  • One-year rent at $1,700 (9%) for our training center in Liberia. The five-year lease ended in May 2020. 
  • Staff development valued at $1,120 with in-kind service (6%).
  • Adminstrative costs at $1,270 (7%).

Furthermore, current assets are $10,787.80 which 65% is allocated for 2020/2021 learning materials & supplies, 18% for next year’s rent and administrative needs, and 8% vocational student scholarship fund (one donor) for the 2021/2022 class. The remaining 9% is the reserve fund. If you like to compare with 2019, click on this link

Our heartfelt gratitude for ensuring your students continue to receive the education they deserve! 

Your generous giving helped Liberian Youth have a successful year!
Happy New Year! Hopes for 2021

Happy New Year! Hopes for 2021

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your holidays and celebrated surviving a challenging year. What do you hope for in 2021 besides some sense of normalcy?

Our hope for 2021 is to transform more of our training departments into social businesses to provide additional revenue and create jobs for our graduates. As we continue to train and graduate students, more young people are led to our center to enroll. Thus the demand is high for vocational training because Liberian Youth sees it as the means for self-sufficiency. 

In order to make this possible, we need to find interested partners and sponsors to help with the planning and raising the capital to buy the needed materials to make a viable business. If you know anyone interested in such a quest, please have them contact us at [email protected]. We appreciate any leads!

Happy New Year!
Board Update and Recruitment

Board Update and Recruitment

On December 5, 20202, we held our annual board meeting and elected the new officers. We excited to announce our new board chair Adam Pederson and new secretary Rita Apaloo. Also, Diane Anastos will continue her role as treasurer for the fifth year and Beyan Gonowolo will remain the fundraising team chair. Please click on their names to read their bios.

2021 Uniting Distant Stars Leadership Team

Additionally, we want to give a special Thank You to Philip Kaleewoun who served as Board Chair for three consecutive years. He guided Uniting Distant Stars in developing their first strategic plan in 2018. And helped ensure we executed some of its goals such as installing solar panels. He will remain on the board as a member.


Furthermore, we want to extend our heartfelt Thanks to Yakasah Wehyee who resigned from the board. He will focus on completing his doctorate program. He served for about a year and a half and greatly helped with writing project concepts. So, we wish him all the best as he peruses his Ph.D.

Recruiting Two Board Members

As we move into 2021, we are seeking two new board members. If you or someone you know is interested in helping us reach more of our goals, please review or share our posting (click here).

Do you want to give Liberian Youth trade skills?

Do you want to give Liberian Youth trade skills?

We hope you are feeling fabulous today! The season of giving continues tomorrow with Giving Tuesday. Without a doubt, 2020 brought on new challenges for everyone. Yet, you continue to celebrate the successes of your August 1 graduates and welcomed your fourth cohort of students on September 22.

Through your generous support, young men and women show up to each class to practice their skills. Also, this real experience allows them to start earning income in a matter of weeks or months depending on the course. With you as their Classroom Hero, you guide them to the finish line, graduation. 

For this reason, we hope you will join Uniting Distant Stars for Giving Tuesday. In continuation of the Give to the Max Day, we like to reach our goal of $5,000. Only $2,730 remains to reach it. Please donate at least $10 to help Liberian Youth learn valuable trade skills. Thank you for including Uniting Distant Stars in your charitable giving!

Please Vote & Help Us Win Up To $15,000

Please Vote & Help Us Win Up To $15,000

We have a chance to win up to $15,000 for Uniting Distant Stars and we’d like your help!

Old National Bank is launching their Choose Your Charity event on November 19! Everyone is invited to vote for their favorite local 501(c)3 nonprofit—once a day, every day until December 17—by visiting the Choose Your Charity website at Takes only seconds to complete. 

The top vote-getter from the 31 communities Old National serves will receive $15,000! And $5,000 will go to the top vote-getter in each of their other 30 communities!

These funds could really make a difference to our organization as we continue our mission. So please take a few minutes out of your day to vote for us at, and spread the word on social media and any other way you can think of!

Thank you for voting for Uniting Distant Stars!