You Can Help Uniting Distant Stars “Pass It On”

You are champions of our cause as Classroom Heros and Star Supporters for our ambitious youth in Liberia. Your dedication and continuous support provide these young people with the right stuff to succeed.

We are excited to share this video initiated by one of youth volunteers–Gabrielle Shamblott (left), a senior high school student in Minnesota, who reached out to some of you for individual videos on why you support Uniting Distant Stars Youth in Liberia. In collaboration with our youth board member, Anna Bertch (right), a senior high school student in Texas, they produced this 90-second video, “Pass it On”. It features three of our Star Supporters from different generations and backgrounds sharing why it is important to Pass it On.

As celebrated and honored Classroom Heros and Star Supporters, we hope you will share this video within your sphere of influence and give your own reason why you support young Liberians.