You Raised $2,270 for Give to the Max Day!

You Raised $2,270 for Give to the Max Day!

How are you today? We hope you are feeling fabulous! Why? You raised $2,270 for the Give to the Max Day (includes $600 match). We raised $1,185 last year, so you nearly doubled your generous giving. The matching gift was unlocked by 3:34 PM CST on November 19th by the fifth donor. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Your support continues to help Liberian Youth learn valuable trade skills. In the video below, I explain how these skills are tangible because it’s something they keep after they graduate. Your students use these skills to provide for themselves and their families. Talk about a decent return on investment. Thank you!

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Heather Cannon, sharing why she gives to Uniting Distant Stars.

Your Chance is Now to Give to the Max

Your Chance is Now to Give to the Max

The Year-End Giving Season has started. Please take advantage of the $600 Matching Grant to double your impact today by donating at least $10 (click here). This year’s campaign, “Give to Train Liberian Youth for Trade Careers” shows how your generous gift allows our graduates to be employed or self-employed like Viola Blaine.

Viola Blaine is one of 212 students who have graduated from Uniting Distant Stars Vocational Training Center (UDSVTC) since 2017 from nine trades. Our courses include Auto Mechanics, Catering, Computers, Cosmetology, Electrician, Event Planning, Hotel Management, Plumbing, and Tailoring. The twelve-month programs are mostly practical learning. This means that Viola was able to start putting her skills to work and earning income immediately. 

Why Students Enroll at Uniting Distant Stars

Many students come to UDSVTC because they can start on the path of becoming self-sufficient. Viola was 40 years old and a mother of 3 when she received her diploma in cosmetology. Although she had had some experience working in a hair salon, she was grateful to find a vocational school where she could learn more, improve her skills, and become certified. 

Shortly after graduation, Viola got a job working in a salon. However, the pandemic shut down most businesses and she lost her job. However, she continues to earn income by doing hair at her home. Although times are difficult, she has not lost hope of the dream as she articulated when she graduated, “This diploma will provide a good opportunity for me to do my own business. UDSVTC is one of the best schools you can go to and get good vocational skills. Thanks to all for the knowledge I received.”

How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Viola is praying, like others around the globe, that this crisis ends soon so that we can all move on with our dreams. Hers is to someday become a successful business owner. Your donation will support UDSVTC in helping students help themselves and their families through entrepreneurship, the engine of economic growth and development. Together we can invest in the future of the people and youth of Liberia.

You did it! You Raised $1,300 for Give to the Max Day

You did it! You Raised $1,300 for Give to the Max Day

Congrats! Your kindhearted generosity helped unlock the $600 matching grant. Also, you raised $1,300 for our Give to the Max Day Campaign! Your contribution to the vocational training of Liberian Youth provides the resources they need to succeed with their vocational training. Furthermore, your participation in this year’s campaign gave UDS a record year for the amount raised. Thank you for being a Classroom Hero and including UDS in your annual charitable giving! 

Thanking supporters for the generous donation during the Give to the Max Day.
Two New Computers for UDS Training Lab

Two New Computers for UDS Training Lab

Our heartfelt Thanks to our long-standing supporter, Julie B. from Oklahoma! She gave a generous donation of $500 during our Give to the Max Day and selected to purchase two computers from our Become a Classroom Hero donation page.

Earlier this month (January 2019), we purchased two new used desktops for our computer training lab. As a result of Julie’s generosity, our computer lab continues to benefit the Liberian Youth taking our most popular course.

Thank you so much, Julie, for these two beautiful computers!

Spreading the news about your generosity & Save the Date: 11/17/16

You are the reason behind all our successes this year. We celebrate your gracious efforts everyday. Liberian children & youth are happy because of your generous heart!

Spreading the news: Uniting Distant Stars Co-Founder & Country Director, Kelvin Fomba, was interviewed on United Methodist Radio 98.7 FM in Liberia on Friday 11/11/16. He was accompanied by two of our youth leaders Roseline Sonday & Patrick Junusa Jr. and shared on what we accomplished with your help and where you will take us next. 
​Left to Right: Kelvin’s interview at radio station; Patrick at his college graduation earlier this year; & Roseline wearing one of the backpacks she helped make.
Today, a local artist painted the UDS logo on our new center. Adding our brand to our building is another way to spread the news about your unyielding support of Liberian children & youth.

Your generosity is making a different for children & youth in Liberia.
Save the date: Thank you for being a valued part of the Uniting Distant Stars Community.

Each year, generous Star Supporters like you celebrate Give to the Max Day by making your online donation on Your generosity on this makes a difference far beyond the 24-hour giving event.

Your generosity on Give to the Max Day will provide Liberian children & youth with the “Tools for Success“. Thank you!
Please join us on November 17, 2016, for Give to the Max Day and help us continue to change lives through providing education & vocational training. 

Your donation on Give to the Max Day also may help UDS receive an additional donation of $1,000. How? On November 17, every gift made on will be entered into an hourly drawing for a $1,000 GiveMN Golden Ticket to be awarded to a non-profit organization. Your gift of $10 or more could instantly turn into an $1,000! 

And, here’s the really exciting part: Two donations made on during the Give to the Max Day campaign will be randomly selected to receive a $10,000 Super-Sized GiveMN Golden Ticket! 

The more gifts we generate on during Give to the Max Day, the more our chances increase to receive that additional 10,000 donation. Image what we could do with $10,000 to help children & youth in Liberia.

Our goal is to raise $5,500, and you can help us reach it!

Your generous gift will buy additional copies of books for our library, 12 more used computers for our lab, and 8 sewing machines for our training program. These are the “Tools for Success” needed for Liberia’s children & youth to get the upper hand in developing knowledge and skills. 

​Your fabulous gift will add more books to our library (left), additional computers for our lab (center) & sewing machines for our training program (right).
Be sure to mark your calendar and make your gift on November 17 by visiting our campaign page “Tools for Success: Books, Computers, & Sewing Machines” at

Thank you for being our valued Shining Stars!