Your Students Receiving Packages

Your Students Receiving Packages

In response, to the urgency of protecting your students, our team combined the items we purchased from the first half of the donations ($1,500) into individual student packages. Additionally, Kelvin Fomba, UDS Co-Founder & Director made a brochure explaining COVID-19 and how to stay safe with proper handwashing.

Primary Students Receive Their Packages

On Tuesday, May 12, your 350 primary students came to pick up their items. As the students socially distanced outside the center, our team would review the student list to ensure everyone received their packages. Your young students were so grateful to receive these items!

Your young students receiving their handwashing packages.

Vocational Training Students Receive Their Packages

Two days later on May 14, your 100 vocational students were asked to pick up their items. Again, your vocational training students were so appreciative of your generosity. Surprisingly, one posted this in a group chat room later that day.  

Your vocation training students receiving their packages.

As stated above, each student received a brochure with their package. Since UDS is an educational institution, it was important to provide your students with additional information to keep them safe during this global pandemic. Kelvin designed the brochure with the information he had been compiling from various sources. He then printed enough brochure s for all your students and spent time folding each one. The next photos show the cover and inside of the brochure.

Brochure Cover
Brochure Inside

Thank you! Your generous heart is helping your students stay safe!

Thank You to the Scoop’s Fundraiser!

Thank You to the Scoop’s Fundraiser!

We like to give a shout out to UDS Board Member, Adam Pederson, held a Facebook Live Music Fundraiser on May 15 with his friends, Brian Carlson and Luke Kuha of the Scoop (photo below). They played original music for two hours and raised $845 from their audience. Their efforts brought us closer to our goal. Thank you so much, Brian, Luke, and Adam for a successful fundraiser!

Finally, this fundraiser along with your outpouring of love helped raise $2,525 of the $3,000 goal since our last post. Thank you!

You raised over 50% of our goal!

You raised over 50% of our goal!

Do you realize how much your support makes a difference? This crisis has brought some challenges but it also shows the best of humanity. In fact, your support as a Classroom Hero for Liberian Children & Youth gives them hope that things will be better soon. This is why we continue to Thank you so much for including UDS students in your charitable giving!

It is important to note that your primary and vocational training students are eager to get back to school. Last Saturday, your 2019/2020 vocational training students were set to graduate (April 25) but we had to postpone until further notice. This was disappointing for them because they are so ready to start their journey as tradespeople and to earn a living. We hope things will improve soon to reschedule their important day.

Now a quick update on COVID-19 in Liberia152 confirmed cases (up from 76 the last newsletter), 18 people who have died (up from 7), and 45 people recovered (up from 7). Sadly, the number of people dying has increased but the number that recovered has been much greater. We continue to hope and pray for all of Liberia as they mitigate the complexities of this virus. 

With that being said, we are so grateful for you making a generous contribution to our COVID-19 Handwashing Package for UDS Families campaign. You have raised $1,522 (51%) of the $3,000 goal. Thank you! We sent $1,500 to buy the first half of the supplies in Liberia to store at the center. Help us reach our goal so we can buy the remaining supplies and distribute them to the UDS families. 

COVID-19 Handwashing Package for UDS Families

COVID-19 Handwashing Package for UDS Families

As a dedicated and generous Classroom Hero, we ask for your help to keep UDS families safe by donating $10 to support one family with soap and bleach for hand-washing. Many of the families don’t have clean running water and rely on a bucket with a spigot. Your gift of a COVID-19 Hand-washing Package will save the lives of your students and families. The package will include two dozen packets of powdered soap and two liters of bleach.

Our goal is to raise $3,000 in the next week to meet this urgent need. Please help by donating today and sharing our campaign.  We have raised $470 so far from Facebook, CashApp ($UDStars), and checks! Thank you!

Our Heartfelt Thank You to Florkime Paye!!!

Our Heartfelt Thank You to Florkime Paye!!!

Florkime Paye

We were honored to have our former board member, Florkime Paye, host a Facebook Fundraiser on the behalf of Uniting Distant Stars for her birthday last month. Her campaign raised $335 from family and friends that will go towards the vocational training of ambitious young people in Liberia. Florkime, we give you are bighearted Thank You for your continued dedication and support of Liberian Youth!!!

Become a Classroom Hero

DONATE NOW!        GOAL: $7,200     RAISED: $202 

Here is YOUR chance to change the world–

Become a Classroom Hero for Liberian Youth Today!

Are you ready to support the aspirations of young Liberians and help them achieve their goals?

Then this is your chance to Become a Classroom Hero for Liberian Youth attending our vocational training classes.

Help us raise $7,200 to purchase the required practical materials for our courses in Catering, Cosmetology, Electricity, Plumbing and Tailoring by:

  1. Donating online or writing a check to Uniting Distant Stars, 4010 Lawndale LN N, Plymouth, MN 55446
  2. Start a Facebook Fundraiser on Uniting Distant Stars’ Behalf to encourage others to support our ambitious youth in Liberia.
  3. Host or create a fundraiser to sponsor a course as follows:

✮ Catering needs $1,000 for baking pans, mixing bowls, cooking pots, etc.

✮ Cosmetology needs $2,000 for flat irons, materials for hair and nails, etc.

✮ Electricity needs $1.500 for tools, meters & testers, and other materials.

✮ Plumbing needs $1,500 for tools, pipes, faucets and other materials.

✮ Tailoring needs $1,200 for scissors, thread, ironing board, machine oil, and other materials.

All DONATIONS are tax-deductible and life changing! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children & young adults!