Kevin Nah -

Marketing Volunteer

Upon obtaining my bachelors degree I plan pursue my masters degree. Working within a nonprofit organization or a professional sports organization are a couple of goals I would like to achieve. Uniting Distant Stars™, Inc. is co-founded by Kelvin Fomba (Liberian) and Heather Cannon (U.S. Citizen). We united together in 2011 because of our shared vision to give Liberian youth the resources they need to succeedUltimately, my main goal is to use the skills I have to create my own business in the future.

I joined Uniting Distant Stars because I believe in the organization’s mission and what they hope to achieve. I was born in Liberia and I am very blessed to have gotten the opportunity to come to America and received the education that I have. There are times I stop and think that it could have been me in Liberia with not a lot of access to education. It would be amazing to be apart of an organization that can provide something such as education to those that are not as fortunate. During my time at UDS I hope to gain a better understanding on how nonprofit organizations operate while making a difference in another person’s life.

The part that makes me excited to work with Uniting distant Stars is knowing that I can have an active role in making a difference in the life of someone else. I also enjoy collaborating with others and creating new ways to improve certain aspects of a project.