On Thursday, October 12, we partnered with We Sparkle Founder Michelle Tran Maryns and (Im)possible Cosmos Founder/Flight Director Nyemadi Dunbar for the UDS Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop. This event was our official reboot of virtual youth exchanges. Our last one was in 2017 with a Minneapolis-based youth group, youthrive

They both talked about entrepreneurship and provided tips for our young people to consider when starting or growing their businesses. Also, Michelle showed how her company, We Sparkle, provides free mobile tools to build their business site. She shared examples of sites created by Junior Achievement youth in junior and senior high, who she’s helped develop their entrepreneurship skills. 

Top left to bottom right: UDS Youth, Heather Cannon, Michelle Tran Maryns, and Nyemadi Dunbar.

Before concluding the workshop, Michelle assigned them homework to talk with people about their problems. This brought me back to when we launched Uniting Distant Stars in Liberia in 2013. We held a two-day Youth Leadership Workshop on Creative and Innovative Thinking. During this workshop, we focused on solving a problem and identifying what resources they had to help them with this quest. So, I added to their homework to start looking at what resources they could use to solve the problem and support their business.

UDS Youth attentively listening to Michelle and Nyemadi

Thanks to Kelvin FombaMyrtle S Toe, and Mohammed Gbettu for organizing the event in Liberia!