Meet Janet Johnson, who enrolled as a cosmetology and electrician student. On September 29, she learned how to climb a pole for electrical work.

First, let’s pause and reflect on how our students seek diverse skills like cosmetology and electrician. Janet, is one of many, who have come to learn more than one she at UDS, but her’s makes you think. How do these correlate? It is probably better to have a wide range of skills than ones that fall in the same industry.

Now let’s talk about her ascent up the pole. Janet is one of handful of young women who have completed our electrician program. From the start, they are treated as equals and given the same opportunities to learn all aspects of the profession. Her practical experience involves how to make electrical connections and make repairs on the ground or above.

We started recruiting for our seventh cohort, and we want to see more young women, like Janet. If you know any young women looking for new learning opportunities, please email [email protected], and we will direct you to our team.