Happy New Year, Everyone! Our co-founders, Kelvin Fomba and Heather Cannon discuss current activities and celebrate our 10th Anniversary in 2023. Here are the highlights:

  1. Still have Box of Hope for sale. Heather shows samples with different bracelets. They start at $10 to make 12 bricks, but you can give more than that. Please email [email protected] to order your today.
  2. The Reach High to the Stars fundraiser is still active to help us start building our new center. Donate at https://www.facebook.com/donate/15418 or CashApp $UDStars
  3. Facebook Birthday Fundraisers Reminder https://www.facebook.com/unitingdista
  4. Our next Virtual Tea Time will be on January 28, when you can meet and talk with a few students and instructors. We will start promoting this event soon.
  5. Check out our social media for Star Reflections on Thursdays throughout the year. The first ten months will represent a year, such as January = 2013, February = 2014, and so on.
  6. Kelvin shares what is happening in Liberia, such as starting a driver’s education program; still recruiting for the 6th cohort; the various challenges in Liberia, including the upcoming presidential election; expanding our solar power to 100%; and much more.