With the holiday season here, Uniting Distant Stars is offering our supporters a chance to receive something handmade by our students earlier this year. These bracelets come in multiple styles, and we ask for a minimum of $10 for each Box of Hope. Since they are tied to our fundraising efforts for our new learning center location, each bracelet’s starting price of $10 helps provide 12 bricks for the construction job’s first stage. If you want to donate extra to it, say $20 for one bracelet, that is 24 bricks!

We currently have around 100 bracelets. Each bracelet will come in a tin box with a label showing students at the front gate of our current center. It will also contain a letter explaining the gift in detail and the importance your donation means to our learning center’s future. Also, a card will indicate the number of bricks that particular bracelet provided.

So if you have any further questions or are interested in purchasing some for yourself or as gifts, please reply to this newsletter or email [email protected].

Thank you to Adam Pederson, Board Chair, who designed the Box of Hope!