Thank you to all those who attended our Virtual Tea Time on July 30! We also want to thank our instructors and students who shared their stories and answered questions from our guests.

During the hour program, the two instructors and four students introduced themselves and shared their work at our center. Then we opened it to questions from our guests. Some of the questions include what the instructors like about teaching and what they hope to see in the future. Other questions asked students about their learning experiences. Some questions asked were about what is needed to improve the program.

Here is the group that participated in this event. From left to right: Kelvin Fomba, Co-Founder & Director Liberia; Boakai Dillion, Electrician Instructor; Askia Nyoudibs, Plumbing Instructor; Josephine Ndiway, Electrician Student; Theophilus Dobson, Electrician Student; Sylvester Bacchus, Plumbing Student & Friday Mdobehdou, Plumbing Student.

The following are short video clips of the two instructors and four students during the introductions. Those who paid the $10 received a free replay for the event. If you like access to the entire video, please click on this link for a $10 donation. Upon receipt, we will email the link to the replay. Your donation will buy course learning materials.

Boakai Dillion is our electrician instructor and he shared why he enjoys teaching on Uniting Distant Stars.

“This institution has exposed me to a lot of great opportunities and great people” ~ Boakai Dillion

Askia Nyoudibs is our plumbing instructor and he shared how we make an impact on students at Uniting Distant Stars.

“Before a dream come about, it requires work and sacrifices” ~ Askia Nyoudibs

Josephine Ndiway is an Electrician Student and she is an inspiration on why you want to study electrician at Uniting Distant Stars.

“I’m proud to be an electrician because it comes with lots of advantages… Furthermore, it transforms the lives of others because from your appearance others will see it as an advantage for them too” ~ Josephine Ndiway

Theophilus Dobson is an Electrician Student and he shares why he is grateful to learn the trade of electrician at Uniting Distant Stars. The video froze before he finished.

“Firstly, I am so grateful to God and the family of UDS because this is a great family. This family is a family who believes what you can do.” ~ Theophilus Dobson

Sylvester Bacchus is a Plumbing Student and he shares excitement about attending Uniting Distant Stars.

“I am so overwhelmed to be part of this great family. I’m so excited because graduated from high school and was sitting and nothing doing” ~ Sylvester Bacchus

Friday Mdobehdous is a Plumbing Student and he shares his excitement & gratitude for becoming a plumber at Uniting Distant Stars.

“I’m very, very excited for the plumbing job that I found myself into today” ~ Friday Mdobehdous