On July 2, 2022, the Uniting Distant Stars Academy Quizzing Team Won another cup during the Better Youth Liberia in Collaboration with Teen Girls Liberia quizzing competition in the 2021/22 Jr. High Division. Their coach/teacher, Tony Zowah–won Best Coach, and co-founder/director/teacher, Kelvin Fomba prepared this team for their win. The students worked hard and it paid off.

Please meet our quizzing team:
  • Angel Yah Zegban – 8th grade – Won Best in History
  • Arthur G. Masedyu – 9th grade – Won Best in Math
  • John k. Toway – 9th grade – Grammar
  • Prince Boakia – 8th grade – Science
  • Joshua Pewee – 7th grade – History
  • Peter L.Gbasyeh – 8th grade – History

Arthur G. Masedyu will be ending his 9th grade with UDSA and moving to high school for the next school year. We wish him all the best as he continues his education

Angel Yah Zegban has one more year with our academy and we hope she will continue to shine with her historical knowledge.