For months, the Uniting Distant Stars center no longer received water from the city. While we waited for city’s system to be fixed, we fetched water from a nearby well. However, the well’s owner became weary of our water usage. So, Kelvin Fomba, Co-Founder & Director and his dedicated team decided to build our own.

Starting the last week of December, they started to build the culverts. Then dug the hole and placed the culverts in one by one. Next, the capped the top and installed the hand pump. On January 13, the well was ready for use.

As you can see in the photos and video below, your support gives our Liberian Team strength to get things done. Thank you so much for being our partners for doing good! Also, we need to Thank Kelvin, his team and Mohammed Gbettu for narrating the video below.