November 13, 2021, we held a meeting with our Public Health Intern, Aryel Haith (left in the photo below), of the Delaware State University. She asked Kelvin Fomba, Co-Founder & Director and some of your youth (center in photo). questions about handwashing, exercise, and diet. Their answers revealed how most people eat one meal a day to sustain themselves. Plus, they shared how they might add fish or meat to their meals only on Sundays. Yet, another reminder of the economic gulf between Liberia and U.S.

Next, they asked Aryel and Heather Cannon, Co-Founder & Executive Director (right in photo) questions. They wanted to know the main staple food in the U.S. like rice is in Liberia. We both answered that with the different cultures and regions in the U.S. the staple food varies from one place to another.

During the discussion, we noted the two major health concerns in Liberia are diabetes and high & low blood pressure. Aryel plans to create a nutritional chart for local foods to be included in the UDS health guidelines.

As we closed the meeting, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the discussion and learn from each other. Thank you, Aryel, for initiating this meeting!