We are happy to announce the 2021/2022 vocational training class started on October 18th. Our Liberia team reevaluated our training system and made some changes for the fifth cohort. Instead of having one term they’ve changed it to two semesters (six months each). Each semester is divided in two phases for three month periods. During each phase, the instructors meet their individual students to determine if they are on track to graduate.

Additionally, a semester-end exam provides another opportunity to measure your students’ abilities. This allows the instructors to better evaluate the student’s performance. Also, the administration can review if the instructions curriculum stays on course with the semesters’ goals.

Through the years, we continue to learn and adapt our program to best serve your students. From left to right the photo shows your new:

  1. electrician students learning about electricity,
  2. plumbing students working on the center’s new restroom, and
  3. tailoring students learning how to pedal the treadle sewing machine.