Time to pinch yourself because you helped the 4th Cohort of students receive their diplomas in their respective trade! The class of 2020/2021 included 75 graduates across from nine disciplines on September 11. We streamed this on Facebook Live for the first time ever. Thanks to Mohammed Gbettu and Otis Ben for streaming the ceremony!

Also, our guest speaker, Tashie George, came in for this special day from Minnesota. She had visited our center at least two times previously in the last year. She has connected with them as students, so they were excited to see her at their graduation.

If you like to view the live feeds from September 11, please click on the video links below.

  1. Graduates walking and dancing to the center –   19.01
  2. Kelvin Fomba and Tashie George entering the hall – 20.32
  3. Graduation ceremony part 1 – 3 hours 18 minutes
  4. Graduation ceremony part 2 – 49.44 minutes
  5. Extra clip – 1.09 minutes

Finally, here are photos of the graduates from their special day:

Your graduates gathering after the ceremony.

Your graduates feeling good about their accomplishments.

Your graduates during the ceremony.

Kelvin being presented with a gift from Dell Doe, Auto Mechanic Graduate