Your catering student, Massa L. Jackson, is being interviewed (see video below) by Kelvin Fomba, Co-Founder & Director, about the wedding cakes she and her peers finished making and decorating. Kelvin first asks to introduce herself. She replies with her name and that she is the class vice president but became the acting president. Then, she followed how the former president had stopped coming to class.  Next, Kelvin asked which cake was hers and she pointed to the red one (look for the green arrow in the photo below).

She then explains that for a long time her dream and passion was to become a cater. Wow, you helped her dream come true! Then she shared how her success also involved Uniting Distant Stars and her instructor Frank Tugbeh. When asked how she would grade Frank and she said 99%. As you see, Massa is very grateful for her training and the opportunity it will give her going forward. You can smile for making this possible.