During a classroom training on electricity, your student Ernest Collins shared a story among classmates about electrifying someone’s home. He explains how he met a friend from another training institution who is also studying electricity. This friend told him that he had a contract to wire a three-bedroom apartment in Shara Community in Paynesville.

His friend shared how he did not have sufficient knowledge in installing a panel box (double throw breaker). So, he needed Ernest’s help to complete the contract because he had this knowledge from his UDS training.  Since Ernest was better suited for the job he became the project lead. They first priced the work at $225 USD but the customer agreed to pay $150 USD. After they completed the job, Ernest kept $100 USD for his level of service and his friend received $50 USD. His story illustrates how your students not only learn a skill but gain confidence as well. 

You can hear his story in the video below with Kelvin Fomba, UDS Co-Founder & Director, asking questions and clarifying points.