Can you believe that your students completed one-third of their training? Well, your students in Cosmetology, Plumbing, and Tailoring wanted to share their progress with you. 


As a popular course, your students jump in and start learning the basics. The course curriculum includes hair care, facials, and manicures and pedicures. The main focus is on plaiting (braiding) hair because it is a protective hairstyle. Often times two students work together to braid one person’s hair since it takes a few hours to complete.


This year we have not one but three female students enrolled in Plumbing. Every new term the students spend the first two to three months learning about all the different pipes, fittings, and fixtures. Once they understand the concepts, they start to apply these skills in their learning lab such as laying and connecting pipes.


On January 5, 2021, the Uniting States Academy opened for our third year. Well, these young students need uniforms and your Tailoring students are assigned to the task. During the past month, they took measurements, cut the fabric for the shirt and shorts/skirts, and then sew the material together. With about 400 students enrolled in our academy, this is a tall order.