Do you realize how much your support makes a difference? This crisis has brought some challenges but it also shows the best of humanity. In fact, your support as a Classroom Hero for Liberian Children & Youth gives them hope that things will be better soon. This is why we continue to Thank you so much for including UDS students in your charitable giving!

It is important to note that your primary and vocational training students are eager to get back to school. Last Saturday, your 2019/2020 vocational training students were set to graduate (April 25) but we had to postpone until further notice. This was disappointing for them because they are so ready to start their journey as tradespeople and to earn a living. We hope things will improve soon to reschedule their important day.

Now a quick update on COVID-19 in Liberia152 confirmed cases (up from 76 the last newsletter), 18 people who have died (up from 7), and 45 people recovered (up from 7). Sadly, the number of people dying has increased but the number that recovered has been much greater. We continue to hope and pray for all of Liberia as they mitigate the complexities of this virus. 

With that being said, we are so grateful for you making a generous contribution to our COVID-19 Handwashing Package for UDS Families campaign. You have raised $1,522 (51%) of the $3,000 goal. Thank you! We sent $1,500 to buy the first half of the supplies in Liberia to store at the center. Help us reach our goal so we can buy the remaining supplies and distribute them to the UDS families.