by Beyan Gonowolo, UDS Board Member & Outreach Coordinator

Beyan Gonowolo

UDS’ impromptu fundraiser on May 4th was nothing less than successful. Though we did not obtain the attendance we anticipated, our guests who attended donated approximately four times more than our expected goal for the fundraiser: $1,253 in donations and future pledges! Individuals who did not attend also reached out and made their donation via Cash App ($UDStars) and through our organization’s website. We are very appreciative to all of our donors who always go above and beyond to allow UDS to keep making a difference in Liberia.

Money raised from this fundraiser will be put toward UDS’ sustainability goal. As discussed in prior newsletters, UDS is working to become a self-sustaining organization by investing and expanding its vocational program so that these programs are able to generate the necessary funds required to run themselves. Money from this fundraiser will be put towards our solar panel initiative. Our goal for the future is to provide clean energy and low-cost electricity for residence in our community.

Event guests listening to Beyan as he makes his first request for donations. 

UDS not only gained financially from this fundraiser; we also gained human asset when a few individuals expressed interest in volunteering and applying for a board membership position. After successful completion of our application and interview process, our Team is glad to announce Yakasah Wehyee, a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota, to our Board. Yakasah’s experience and expertise definitely bring great experience to our Team and we look forward to working with him to make UDS better.

Honorable Jackson George, Consul General of Liberian Consulate made a brief appearance and shared about his visit to our vocational training center in July 2018. 

Editors Note: Beyan also prepared some culinary delights for this event that had everyone going for second or third helpings. On the left is a vegetable & salmon dish with fried plantains served with or with our rice. The center is salad and fruit. On the