One of the best things about a new school year is connecting with new students. One of those new students, J Taryoungson Brandy, posted about his computer class on Facebook and talked about learning how to set up a desktop. Through a Messenger discussion, he shared that he is both a computer and hotel management student. He enrolled in our computer course because we offer the entire Microsoft Suite. He further explained that he attended another school and received a certificate in Microsoft Word, but they charged by the application and he could not afford to continue. 

J Taryoungson Brandy (maroon shirt) setting up a desktop computer; another classmate taking a selfie with his classmates behind him. 

He also appreciates the quality of teaching from our instructors. He ended our conversation by saying, “I will also be in the forefront to spread the good news and opportunities that you people are rendering to the Liberian people.” Your generous support makes it possible for Mr. Brandy to gain valuable marketable skills in two trades during the next year!