You brought so much joy and gratitude to your graduates who received their diplomas in eight trades on Saturday, April 13, 2019. 

You gave these young people a reason to smile and rejoice in their successes! 

The celebration started on Friday, April 12, at their class party held at our center. The student council initiated a project to make white polo shirts with the UDS logo and their names underneath it. They funded this initiative on their own. They received their class medals that same night. One side of the medal shows the UDS logo and name. The other side featured the Map of Liberia and the theme, “Vocational Skills Build A Nation” created by Kelvin Fomba, Co-Founder and Director.

Your students proudly wearing their new shirts and medals.

The ceremony featured two guest speakers. First, is our dear friend, Reverend Samuel Enders, Founder of African Dream Academy (ADA) and Representative of District 6 in Paynesville, Liberia. He shared how Kelvin provided much needed mechanical work for ADA in 2016. When he paid Kelvin for his work, he asked him what he would do with it. Kelvin said I will put it to opening our school in 2016. Rev. Enders commented on how Kelvin continues to invest his own money back into UDS. He also commended Kelvin for his efforts because people who have far more money are not taking such initiative to help young people. 

Our second guest speaker what a representative, Bro. Aleiu L Kemokai, to the Honorable Peter S. BemahDeputy Minister of TVET from the Ministry of Youth & Sports. Mr. Bemah gave an inspirational talk about vocational training and reminded our youth of the benefits of having trade skills. His presence was welcomed by our team because we have held a TVET (Technical and Vocational Educational Training) Permit since 2016. We hope this connection will get us closer to cracking the code for being short-listed for funding opportunities. For now, Mr. Bemah said he would help with recruiting youth to our trade school. 

Rev. Samuel Enders on the left addressing the graduates and Bro. Aleiu L Kemokai on the right presenting a diploma to a graduate. Both men presented diplomas to your students throughout the ceremony. 

More photos and stories from our graduates will be shared in the next few issues. For now, please enjoy this moment because this is your success story! Thank you for your generous support!!!

Uniting Distant Stars Graduates Singing and Walking Together as they make their way to the UDS Vocational Training Center to Receive Their Diplomas!