Elijah Kotee, Catering Student

As graduation nears, one of our catering students, Elijah Kotee, landed a job at a local restaurant on the junction of UN Drive & Camp Johnson Road. This is a stepping stone in establishing his catering business.

When talking with Elijah, he had this to say about his experience: “This is why I am telling people about the Uniting Distant Stars Vocational training school system. Thank you for a great job and for the knowledge that I being impacted with!”

You may remember Elijah decorating the cake for our guests from the Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy-SLFND during the Permaculture training in January. Look at what he is cooking now. 

You gave Elijah the means to cook some delicious meals (left to right): Barbecue chicken served with fried plantains and tomatoes; Fried chicken and potato salad; and Torbogee, a popular Liberian dish.

Elijah also served as the Catering Class President, and he was interviewed during their final class project. In the video below, he explains the type of cakes he made and his gratitude for this opportunity.

As you can see, your generous giving helps Liberian Youth make a living. If you are in Liberia, please stop by and visit the restaurant where Elijah works. Thank you!