Our soon-to-be graduates called a general meeting on Wednesday, March 20, to ask for their commencement ceremony to be rescheduled from March 31 to April 13. The reason for this change is about graduation fees. They have sponsors to help them, but they receive their salaries at the end of the month. The students worked hard during their year-long program to reach this milestone, and their graduation is important to them.

Meanwhile, our team continues to recruit students for the next one-year term. The first group starts orientation on Monday 25. The first two weeks prepare the students for a successful year. First, they receive a tour of the center to know the location of their classroom or learning lab. Next, they meet with the instructors to determine the class days and hours. We found that having the instructors and students determine their schedules together ensures a much higher attendance rate compared to other institutions. 

Your continued support opened the door for these new students to learn marketable skills at our vocational training center. All of UDS truly appreciates your dedication to their education! 

Your generous support gives Liberian Youth an opportunity to better their lives. This photo shows new students taking an aptitude test to determine if they need any assistance with their learning.