Your generous support of 150 students enrolled in one of eight courses gives them the learning equipment, materials, and tools they need to spend at least 85% of their course time doing practicals. Can you believe that November 20 marked the eighth month of their year-long program? Well, our students know the clock is running down for their training and doubled their efforts in completing their practicals.  

Our catering students worked together to bake your Thank You cake last week. This week’s assignment, our students worked on making and baking their individual cakes. Each student used their creative flair in decorating their cake in a unique color theme and design. As you can see, they did a beautiful job. Afterward, each student brought their cakes home to show to their families and friends. As a result of this assignment, they are ready to bake you a birthday, wedding, or any other special occasion cake.

         Your students baked these beautiful cakes!

Our cosmetology students spent the whole day in their learning lab plaiting hair on Tuesday, November 20. Their instructor, Roseline Sonday, found clients within the community and assigned two students per customer. Their quality of work continues to improve and they are working with newer styles. These students are so dedicated to their craft that they work long hours to take full advantage of our training center. They too are eager and ready to give you a new hairstyle.

Your cosmetology students are demonstrating that Education is Better Than Silver & Gold.

Your continued investment is giving your students the needed learning materials and quality space to apply the skills they have gained during the last eight months. You should feel very proud of what you accomplished in making this possible.