As a valued member of the Uniting Distant Stars (UDS) Community, you are contributing to the change and growth of young men and women in Liberia. Your investment in their education at our vocational training center is allowing them to gain valuable and marketable skills in trade careers. Your support means everything to them because you want to see them succeed.  

The strength of our organization is our Circle of Influence. This includes you, board members, volunteers, staff, and students. When everyone is working towards a common goal, we are collectively doing our part to make this a better world.

Periodically, our team in Liberia holds group meetings with staff and students to evaluate our performance. They are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the quality of education and how we can improve.

Some of our students had previously attended other vocational training institutions and compliment UDS on offering higher quality training. They elaborated on how our instructors share their knowledge in a clear and understandable manner and how quickly they can apply this information with their practical assignments. All of our students appreciate that they have a voice in this organization in helping us grow and improve. They are the reason we get up each day to do this work.

Your support inspires UDS students to participate in the development of this organization!

Our instructors continue to praise UDS for paying their stipends on time and each month. Some instructors are teaching at other institutions and have gone months without pay. UDS is not able to compete on the amount at this time, but we do value the importance of compensating our instructors for their work.

Kelvin Fomba–UDS Co-Founder & Director, Liberia (center)–with some of the instructors

Our electrician students requested additional training materials to expand their learning from single phase (residential) to three-phase (commercial) alternating current electric power distribution. This week our team will be getting estimates on what this will cost, and we will work on adding the three-phase materials to our lab.

Without a doubt, the UDS Circle of Influence–you, youth, staff & instructors, volunteers, and board members–is Working Together for a Better Future!