One of the greatest achievements of Facebook is to allow people to raise funds for causes they believe in. Uniting Distant Stars (UDS) continues to benefit from these types of fundraisers. In July, our founding board member and “Recipes for Learning” Cookbook project lead, dedicated her birthday to support UDS. She and her eight donors raised $755, and their generosity bought three new treadle sewing machines. This brings us to a total of 11 sewing machines.

Our tailoring course has doubled in size from 6 last year to 12 this year. It is nice to see this course trending upwards because it is one of the first training classes we offered. In the past, we piloted a backpack project–transforming recycled plastic into a durable good–with the only four sewing machines. This launched the Backpacks for Peace Service Learning Project in 2015. We increased our sewing machines to 10 and trained 20 students how to sew these backpacks. These backpacks filled with school supplies were donated to young school children later that year.
Thanks again to Mary and her eight generous donors for improving the training experience for 12 Tailoring Students!!!