Do you ever wonder what it is like to go days, weeks, or months without electricity? We flip the switch multiple times a day and don’t think twice about how much electricity improves our lives. It provides the necessary light to read books, work on homework assignments, entertain friends after the sun sets, and so much more.

According to the International Energy Agency Database, more people over the last two decades have gained access to electricity, especially in China and India. On the other hand, there are still over a billion people without electricity, primarily in Sub-Sahara Africa. In some cases, like in Liberia, the electricity is unreliable so people either go without or rely on expensive, noisy, and air-polluting generators.

Our students see the value of this trade in improving the lives of the people around them. They come to class each day ready to put their skills to work in our lab. Their instructor, Dominic Siafa, and teacher’s aide (TA), Boakai Dillion (2018 Graduate), find contacts to take the students out in the field. This gives them a chance to have real experience and gain the confidence needed to succeed in this field.

The students you support are eager to learn and apply their skills!

Dominic (instructor) is dealing with an ongoing health issue this year. He recommended Boakai to be his teacher’s assistant because he not only understands the craft of an electrician but also possesses a natural talent to teach. Dominic gives Boakai directions with the weekly curriculum and any other support. His mentorship is paying off because Boakai is building up his profession as an electrician and gives our students an example of what they can strive for.

You helped build this lab in 2017 and the students love it!

As you can see, your generosity is providing the necessary resources for our students to apply their skills during each class. This prepares them to hit the ground running when they graduate. Thank you for being their Classroom Hero!