A key component to the success of our vocational training program is our instructors. Each instructor enjoys imparting knowledge from what they have learned and mastered throughout their career to their students.

Kelvin Fomba, Co-Founder & Director in Liberia, enjoys sharing his knowledge as the Auto Mechanics and Computers instructor. He is a seasoned mechanic working with small to large engines of generators, machinery, and vehicles. He also has extensive experience driving commercial vehicles. As a result, his knack for technology helped him develop his knowledge of computers. In recent years, he started training youth on computers too. Throughout his career, he has mentored and trained young men and women in learning auto mechanics and professional driving.

Your support encourages our auto mechanic students to reach for the stars! 

Kelvin donated his tools, parts, and used vehicles he acquired from friends who left Liberia to start the UDS Auto Mechanics Department. He provides ample opportunities for his students to practice their skills in ways such as overhauling engines, repairing brakes, and providing other vehicle servicing. He donates his pay from contracts to do service and repair on large machinery or vehicles, to buy learning materials for the various courses, to help pay instructor stipends, or to provide anything else needed to support the center.

Our students learning about pistons and other parts of the engine

His recent donation allowed for shelves to be built in order to better organize the tools and parts for the auto mechanic students. Our students enjoy this improvement because it helps them find what they need when working on a project.

Left photo: Kelvin (center) organizing shelves
Right photo: Kelvin working mobile drill truck for soil testing

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Your continued investment supports ambitious Liberian Youth as they gain marketable skills as Auto Mechanics at our vocational training center.