When the 2018 course year started on March 20, our hotel management course enrollment quadrupled compared to the previous year. Our beloved instructor Amed Saah Blama, who our students affectionately call “Hotel Papay,” brings over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. His 19 students pleaded with our co-founder and director Kelvin Fomba to have specially designed uniforms that were similar to the ones in the various hotels and resorts in the country. Our students will also be interning later in this course at neighboring hotels York Town Plaza and Kailando.

Hotel Management Students with Mr. Blama in the back center 

The hotel management students shared their ideas on how the mens’ and womens’ uniforms should look. Once they agreed on the final design, this project was assigned to our tailoring department. The material was purchased at the end of May for the 11 tailoring students to start sewing the hotel management uniforms. This assignment prepares our students for how to sew a custom uniform for any industry or school.

You make their practical learning possible!

Your investment in our tailoring students is giving them the chance to learn the highly demanded skill of making custom African clothes, along with school and work uniforms.