Our 16 new plumbing students started March 20, and we are grateful to have one young woman enrolled in this course for the second consecutive year. The students’ learning is mixed with classroom time and practical experience. Their instructor Emmanuel Somah finds different ways for them to apply their skills.

For example, in April, our instructor asked if he could have the students clean our center’s four commodes. He worked with our students in removing, cleaning, and replacing each commode. This lesson helped our students learn how this important piece of sanitation hardware works and what could cause it to malfunction.
In May, one of the classroom sessions involved learning to identify the different types of tools and materials, such as pipes and fittings, that the students would be using in this trade. In the video below, you can watch a brief interaction with the instructor and his students during this class lesson. Mr. Somah, like all our instructors, provides a fun learning environment, and our students enjoy receiving their knowledge. 
You made it possible for this young woman to learn how to be a plumber!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84rKUuwbHYg[/embedyt]