One of our great joys is hearing from you, our esteemed Star Supporters and Classroom Heroes. Recently, a sustaining donor from Colorado responded to our Thank You and said the following:

You are the one to be thanked for your dedication in this area of need. Kelvin Fomba is such an outstanding leader across the ocean. All the others who provide the help that is needed to keep this organization going are also to be commended. The training and education that is being provided these eager students are truly wonderful.” ~ Dorothy B, Colorado, USA
It is so beneficial to receive encouraging words from our donor community because it inspires our teams in Liberia and U.S. Your words are shared with our hard-working staff in Liberia who tirelessly ensures that our students receive quality training.
Kevin recognizing some of the dedicated staff during the March 24 commencement ceremony
Left to right: Emmanuel Somah (plumbing instructor), Amed Saah Blama (Hotel Management Instructor), Kelvin Fomba, Patrick Kende (Tailoring Instructor), & Roseline Sonday (Student Coordinator & Cosmetology Teacher’s Aide)