A nice way to start your morning is to get a text message asking, “Hey! Have you checked out UDS’s Facebook today?” This is how Adam Pederson, UDS Board Secretary, contacted me on March 6th. I immediately went to our Facebook Page and noticed Adam created a fundraiser to raise $2,000 for our computer lab. Within in two days he raised $2,020 with two donors. Wow!!! 

Facebook makes fundraising easy, and no longer charges a 5% processing fee on debit and credit card charges to 501(c)3 organizations. Adam used a simple tool and shared an article about a teacher in Ghana who had no computers to train his students. This teacher instead used a chalkboard and sketched how to use Microsoft Word.

Our Uniting Distant Stars Youth are fortunate to have a team of Classroom Heroes like you. Your support is what opened our computer lab in 2016, which has been the main attraction for our students ever since.  And in 2017, you helped us move to our new center with a larger computer lab. The photo below shows how you expanded our computer lab!

Liberian youth are fully aware of the importance of computer training. Oneal Willie, a computer student, featured in our “Creating Opportunities for Youth in Liberia” video in 2017, said (starting at 3:44), “The world is advanced. Anything that you do now, you have to have a knowledge of computers. Without computer knowledge, you cannot do anything.”

You helped make this lab stand out among other training schools in Liberia. This course ensures each student has their own computer to work with during the class time. This term we have 35 students enrolled and assigned to one of three sections. If more students enroll in the next few weeks, we will add another section to accommodate their learning needs.

Later this month, our team will purchase additional computers for our lab from Adam’s fundraiser. Thank again to Adam and his two generous donors for making this possible!!!